The reason why I highly recommend Quickbooks and Turbotax to small business owners

Jul 7, 2016 |

While some people enjoy dealing with their finances, many other people dislike the complexities that are involved. Many individuals thus want to streamline accounting related tasks, and the most effective way to do this is by utilizing a software program. Below, I’ll evaluate some great programs you really should think about using for both business and personal finance.

Every business proprietor has accounting needs, and thus must use an accounting application of one sort or another. For small businesses, the ideal program to obtain is in most cases Quickbooks. There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, Quickbooks is used by many individuals, so you will have no trouble finding tons of educational materials, from books to online videos. As a result, you have immediate access to really good training materials. Additionally, Quickbooks is something most CPAs are well acquainted with, and that makes it simple to work with accounting specialists. Sometimes, you may even give a CPA your Quickbooks files to work with. Also, you can sometimes import or export Quickbook files into other applications.

However, the most significant advantage of Quickbooks is that it’s very user-friendly. Despite this fact, Quickbooks still is a robust piece of software that is capable of dealing with a wide variety of accounting needs. You need not worry, however, since there are numerous free training tools you can count on. Hence, it’s one of the greatest accounting programs a small business can use.

Along with Quickbooks, tax return software is something else you should seriously consider acquiring. Although many people visit tax preparation services such as Jackson Hewitt, more often than not this is not necessary if you use a good tax program. One of the more popular tax applications is Turbotax. Utilizing this application is an awesome way to complete your tax returns on your own. Turbotax does a fantastic job and takes you through your tax return by using a simple interview format. By simply responding to a number of questions over a couple hours, your tax forms will be filled out automatically. You then have the option to file the forms electronically if you want.

There are numerous versions of Turbotax available. There are Turbotax versions for both state and federal forms, along with a Turbotax version for both individuals and businesses. With regard to business returns, Turbotax is equipped to handle not just sole proprietorships, but corporations and partnerships as well.

Hence, if you do not have either Turbotax or Quickbooks, you really should download trial versions and see what you think of them. By doing this, you will in all likelihood be able to both simplify your finances and save money as well.

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